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Episode Archive

111 episodes of Agile for Humans with Ryan Ripley since the first episode, which aired on May 3rd, 2015.

  • 96: An Agile Mindset of Learning and Growth

    July 2nd, 2018  |  45 mins 15 secs

    Esther Derby (@estherderby) and Faye Thompson (@agilefaye) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss an agile mindset and learning in the workplace. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Esther Derby on Learning[/featured-image] In this episode yo...

  • 95: Exploring the 3 V’s of Product Ownership

    June 3rd, 2018  |  39 mins 54 secs

    Don McGreal (@donmcgreal) and Ralph Jocham (@rjocham) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss their new book The Professional Product Owner: Leveraging Scrum as a Competitive Advantage. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Ralph Jocham Presenti...

  • 94: Professional Agile Coaching with Allison Pollard

    May 20th, 2018  |  48 mins 23 secs

    Allison Pollard (@allison_pollard) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss professional agile coaching. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Allison Pollard – Agile Coach[/featured-image] In this episode you’ll discover: What professional coach...

  • 93: Women in Agile 2018

    May 7th, 2018  |  44 mins 23 secs

    Billie Shuttpelz (@OopslandBillie), Cheryl Hammond (@bsktcase) and Joanna Vahlsing (@joannavahlsing) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss Women in Agile 2018. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Billie Shuttpelz – Agile Coach, Trainer,

  • 92: Systems Thinking in Agile

    April 19th, 2018  |  1 hr 56 secs

    Joanne Perold (@joPerold) and Faye Thompson (@AgileFaye) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss human and systems thinking in the workplace. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Joanne Perold – Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer[/featured...

  • 91: Using Nexus to Scale Scrum

    March 26th, 2018  |  36 mins 15 secs

    Patricia Kong (@pmoonk88) and Kurt Bittner (@ksbittner) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss’s Nexus Framework. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]’s Kurt Bittner and Patricia Kong[/featured-image] In this episode you’ll...

  • 90: Walking the Spine Model

    March 19th, 2018  |  45 mins 30 secs

    Kevin Trethewey (@KevinTrethewey) and Danie Roux (@danieroux) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss the Spine Model and how to use it effectively with agile and scrum teams. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Danie Roux Presenting[/featured...

  • 89: Training from the Back of the Room with Kim Brainard

    March 12th, 2018  |  36 mins 59 secs

    Kim Brainard (@Agilebrain1) joined me (@RyanRipley) to explore training from the back of the room techniques and practices. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Kim Brainard Leading an Agile Workshop[/featured-image] Kim has over 8 years of Agile e...

  • 88: Coaching Beyond the Team with Esther Derby and Don Gray

    February 22nd, 2018  |  23 mins 24 secs

    Esther Derby (@estherderby) Don Gray (@donaldegray), and Faye Thompson (@agilefaye) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss their upcoming workshop Coaching Beyond the Team in Columbus, Ohio April 3rd – 5th, 2018.

  • 87: Why Agile Isn’t Working with John Cutler

    February 19th, 2018  |  53 mins 17 secs

    John Cutler (@johncutlefish) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss his article “Why Agile Isn’t Working” and what we can do about it. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]John Cutler[/featured-image] John is a multiple hat-wearer.

  • 86: Talking Scrum with Steve Porter

    February 12th, 2018  |  44 mins 11 secs

    Steve Porter (@stevevporter) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss a wide variety of deep Scrum topics and approaches. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Steve Porter –[/featured-image] In this episode you’ll discover: Ways to thi...

  • 85: Unlearning for Agile Teams with Jessie Shternshus

    January 20th, 2018  |  27 mins 7 secs

    Jessie Shternshus (@TheImprovEffect) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss how to help teams unlearn past habit and how to help new mental models take hold. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Jessie Shternshus[/featured-image] In this episo...

  • 84: Ryan Ripley on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

    January 10th, 2018  |  1 hr 39 mins

    Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) recently joined Vasco Duarte (@duarte_vasco) on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast to discuss Agile Coaching and working with teams. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Vasco Duarte – Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast[/featured-...

  • 83: Create Your Successful Agile Project with Johanna Rothman

    January 8th, 2018  |  40 mins 29 secs

    Johanna Rothman (@johannarothman) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss her new book:  Create Your Successful Agile Project – Collaborate, Measure, Estimate, and Deliver [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Johanna Rothman – Create Your Succe...

  • 82: Coaching Beyond Agile with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy

    January 2nd, 2018  |  35 mins 3 secs

    Pradeepa Narayanaswamy (@NPradeepa) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss how she uses her agile superpowers for good as an infertility coach. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Pradeepa Narayanaswamy[/featured-image] Pradeepa is a Professi...

  • 81: The Scrum Guide Gets an Update with Dave West

    December 4th, 2017  |  21 mins 7 secs

    Dave West (@davidjwest) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss the latest updates to the Scrum Guide. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Dave West hosting the Scrum Guild Update with Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland[/featured-image] Dave is ...