Episode 60

61: Agile Musings with GeePaw Hill


April 10th, 2017

1 hr 19 secs

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About this Episode

GeePaw Hill (@GeePawHill) and Amitai Schleier (@schmonz) joined me (@RyanRipley) to discuss internal quality vs external quality, generating insights about software, and the dangers of dogma in agile software development.

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GeePaw is the internet moniker for Michael Hill. He is a professional software coach for agile teams. GeePaw blogs at geepawhill.org and is a must follow on Twitter. GeePaw is a proud grandfather of 9 and finds that to be his most important role yet.

Amitai is a software development coach, speaker, legacy code wrestler, non-award-winning musician, award winning bad poet, and the creator of the Agile in 3 Minutes podcast. He blogs at schmonz.com and is a frequent guest on Agile for Humans. Amitai has published many of his agile observations and musings in his new book – Agile in 3 Minutes on Lean Pub.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to debunk the quality vs quantity myth
  • Why maximizing your insights per hour is important
  • What is hurting the agile industry today

Links from the show:

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