Episode 4

4: Agile transformations with Bob Galen


June 18th, 2015

57 mins 36 secs

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Ryan Ripley, Amitai Schlair, Bob Galen


Agile isn’t simple anymore. We talked at length about the added complexity that has emerged in the agile community and the impact on transformations and projects. Amitai offered a lean start-up approach that we all agreed could be a competitive advantage to companies in years to come. We focused on organizing companies around products to limit risk and maximize value.

We moved on to what’s leading edge and new in the agile world. Bob shared his finding from many informal polls and discussion – that we are not leading edge. 70-90% of people polled acknowledge “bad agile” in their organizations. This has proven consistent when other speakers and coaches pose the questions to large groups and teams.

Next the team discussed meeting the needs of the people we serve and how trust, safety, empathy, compassion, kindness, and love play in to that end. Some of the questions covered include: Is it safe to say you don’t know something? Can you fail quickly in your organization? Do we trust one another to not cause harm in the workplace?

These insights led us down the past of advocating for coaching at the leadership level. This practice is critical as pressure and adversity can cause people to revert to comfortable patterns and practices. Leadership, however, can limit this by “being agile” through thick and thin.

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Ryan – http://agileanswerman.com

Amitai – http://www.schmonz.com/


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