Episode 31

32: How to Improve Your Agile Conference Submissions


April 20th, 2016

1 hr 11 mins 56 secs

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Ryan Ripley, Don Gray, Tim Ottinger, Amitai Schlair, Jason Tice


Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley), Don Gray (@donaldegray), Tim Ottinger (@tottinge), Amitai Schlair (@schmonz), and Jason Tice (@theagilefactor) got together to discuss strategies for submitting talks to agile conferences and how to help the chances of your presentation getting accepted.

**DISCLAIMER: This is an independent podcast that is not affiliated with or represents the views of any of the conferences mentioned on the show.

Every person on the podcast speaks at conferences across the United States and around the world. We’ve also had our talks rejected at many conferences as well. While there isn’t a silver bullet that guarantees success in this space, there are ways to increase the odds that your talk will fit in with the needs of the organizers and delight the attendees.

It’s our hope that this episode helps those new to public speaking get their ideas out in to the world and to give veterans of the conference scene fresh ideas on how to get more of their talks potentially accepted.

And then…we called it a night.

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