Episode 30

31: Natural Software Development using #NoEstimates and Variable Length Sprints


April 6th, 2016

1 hr 3 mins 4 secs

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Ryan Ripley, Ron Quartel, Amitai Schlair


Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley), Ron Quartel (@agileagitator) and Amitai Schlair (@schmonz) got together to discuss a real live #NoEstimates project, variable length sprints, the power of the sprint goal, and true software craftsmanship.

Ron joined us back on episode 10 to discuss Fast Agile and came back to talk about a project he recently kicked off at a major corporation that uses #NoEstimates practices and modifications to the scrum framework.

The concept of velocity and story points is a dirty, rotten hack. @agileagitator
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We talked through common concerns and questions that come up when discussing these topics and even highlighted some patterns that seem to be emerging from these #NoEstimates experiments.

And then…we called it a night.

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