Episode 22

23: Remote Teams with Mark Kilby and David Horowitz

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Ryan Ripley, Mark Kilby, David Horowitz


Mark Kilby (@mkilby) and David Horowitz (@ds_horowitz) – CEO of Retrium (@RetriumHQ) – joined me (@RyanRipley) for a discussion about continuous improvement, retrospectives, and remote teams.

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No plugs this week. Just a big thank you to the listeners for continuing to spread the work about the podcast and for your feedback and support.


I also work with distributed volunteer teams as well. I’m not only the co-founder of Agile Orlando, but I’m the co-founder of Agile Florida, a network of multiple user groups in the state of Florida. We collaborate on events, share information on speakers, and help other user groups through our efforts. You can read our Agile2015 experience report on how we work as a distributed team at….


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