Episode 110

111: Fixing Your Scrum on Aptera Live


January 27th, 2020

1 hr 4 mins 14 secs

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Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) joined the Aptera Live team to discuss the release of his new book: Fixing Your Scrum – Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to Ryan and Todd wrote Fixing Your Scrum
  • The power of a Sprint Goal
  • Tip and advice for avoiding the most common Scrum problems

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Broken Scrum practices limit your organization’s ability to take full advantage of the agility Scrum should bring: The development team isn’t cross-functional or self-organizing, the product owner doesn’t get value for their investment, and stakeholders and customers are left wondering when something—anything—will get delivered. Learn how experienced Scrum masters balance the demands of these three levels of servant leadership, while removing organizational impediments and helping Scrum teams deliver real-world value. Discover how to visualize your work, resolve impediments, and empower your teams to self-organize and deliver using advanced coaching and facilitation techniques that honor and support the Scrum values and agile principles.

Click here to purchase on The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

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