Episode 10

11: Agile Lean Coffee for Humans


August 8th, 2015

1 hr 40 mins 15 secs

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Ryan Ripley, Victor Bonacci, Jon Jorgensen


This episode is a cross-over between The Agile Coffee Podcast and Agile for Humans. Victor and Jon host Agile Coffee and do a great job of cultivating interesting topics and engaging guests. Not too long ago, Victor joined me on Agile for Humans and we had so much fun that we thought we’d give this cross-over experiment a try.

I have to say that it was a lot of fun having someone else do the facilitation. 🙂 We managed to cover a wide range of topics that we hope you all enjoy.

  • The HR Side of Agile – Performance Reviews, Raises, & Transparency
  • The Business of Agile – How we justifiy the investment in agility
  • Ken’s Complaint -Trademarking Scrum User Groups
  • Crossing the line – Pushing and pulling hair
  • Organisational Psychotherapist, the new coach
  • Agile Transformation – The REST of the story
  • Agile games, simulations, and learning activities

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[reminder]What did you think of this experiment? Did you like the lean coffee format? Please let us know your thoughts below.[/reminder]

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