Episode 1

1: My Agile is Better Than Your Agile


May 3rd, 2015

46 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

This week I’m excited to share episode one of the “Agile for Humans” podcast. This is a regular podcast hosted by a rotating group of agilists who take on various topics and issues. I’m working on getting a site setup for the podcast, but for now you can find the episodes here and eventually on iTunes.


Don Gray, Mark Kilby, Aaron Kopel, Ryan Ripley


On our inaugural episode the team started off by trying to name this new podcast, however, they eventually moved on. First we discussed Hala Saleh’s talk at Agile Indy 2015 title: My Agile is Better Than Your Agile. Overall the group agreed that empathy and kindness are key ingredients when talking about agile topics.

Next the team moved on to the caring and feeding of user groups. Aaron and Mark shared their experiences in this area and provided cautionary tales and solid advice to Ryan, who is looking to start and agile user group in Fort Wayne, IN.

Ryan discussed his recent talk at Agile Indy 2015 – Help!!! The Scrum Master IS the Impediment – and talked about the need for scrum masters to inspect and adapt their behaviors to avoid becoming impediments to their team’s success.

The team wrapped up with a some light talk about “change” and decided to table that large discussion for next time. Ryan completely butchered the word “cynefin”, Don started a book club, and then we called it a night

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